Practice Management Toolkit
EDP for Health Professionals

For more information about Eating Disorder Plans, including items, eligibility criteria, and approved treatments.

About the EDP

Which care plan to use?

Often a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) rebating 10 sessions with an allied health practitioner will be used initially for emerging/developing eating disorders.

If needed, GPs may also complete a Team Care Arrangement (TCA) and GP Management Plan (GPMP) to access sessions with a dietician and/or exercise physiologist.

For those diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa or in need of more intensive treatment, Eating Disorder Treatment Plan (EDP) will give patients access to up to 40 sessions with a APRAH registered mental health practitioner, 20 sessions with a dietitian and a psychiatry or paediatrician review within a 12mth period rebated through Medicare.

The EDP template may need to be uploaded to your software if it is not appearing already.

Eligibility for an EDP depends on the results of a full assessment and the specific screener - the EDE-Q. This screener can also be uploaded to your templates, or patients can complete online here, and receive a scored report. To import the screener and scoring guidelines to your templates, go to the screening tile on the home page.

For more about the EDP visit the Services Australia website.