Practice Management Toolkit

Common Treatment Pathways

Navigating treatment services can be confusing and complicated. They can be purely private, purely public or a mixture of both. Your GPs will need to find the appropriate care for individuals, but it helps to be familiar with your pathways and referral processes. You may also want to check in our database if you have an eating disorders co-ordinator in your district, and make sure you have all your GP details up to date with your local hospital.

Your GPs can also find local public health services and pathways on their local Health Pathways see here to find your local Health Pathways provider: https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/integratedcare/Pages/health-pathways.aspx.

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Ongoing, routine appointments with people in recovery are an essential part of eating disorder treatment and relapse prevention.

The diagram below shows the common pathways and how the actions from this toolkit can help to smooth them out for your practice.