Practice Management Toolkit

Discharge Summaries & Communication

Many hospitals automatically send discharge summaries via either ARGUS or HealthLink (Secure messaging) to the nominated GP, this can be a great help for gaining timely information, especially with the high rates of admissions for patients with an eating disorder. It is worth checking with the hospital which messaging provider they use and consider getting a subscription if you don’t have one already. This will benefit all your patients with discharge summaries coming direct to your software. If you do already have this, then make sure the hospital has all your doctors’ details on the system up to date and that your doctors are all listed with ARGUS & HealthLink.

It is also worthwhile sending any clients to ED or hospital wards/programs with a referral from your GP, this will give the hospital the correct contact details for discharge summaries. Putting your Healthlink & Argus address on the letterhead will help you receive electronic discharge summaries.

ARGUS Messaging: https://telstrahealth.com/argus

HealthLink Messaging: https://au.healthlink.net/