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Be sure that everyone knows how to find everything

Once your software has been updated with all the templates and changes, you may find that giving a quick update at the monthly GP meeting is the best way to inform the team. It also gives a chance to discuss how to use the new templates, flags, screening ideas and whether your GPs would be interested in a CPD event to find more local clinicians. If there is an interest in learning more about eating disorders, you can guide them here to InsideOut eLearning packages (link in the left margin)

Some ideas to raise

  1. Inform GPs of the new care plan templates 
  2. Discuss the use of actions to flag a file for screening or risk
  3. Show GPs the new eating disorders category in contacts 
  4. Ask if its worth organising a CPD event to find more clinicians 
  5. Show GPs how to find patient information sheets