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Create a Quality Improvement Project for Your Practice

Improvement activities for managing eating disorders in your practice

1. Create a whole practice approach to better identification and management of eating disorders

Use this toolkit to import custom templates/referral letters/screeners, customise your software, grow your referral pathways and update your processes.

This will involve time commitment from all staff, practice managers and admin, practice nurses and GPs. Once done this will assist the practice indefinitely.

QI Tip

All actions for this project in the toolkit are marked with a QI Action tip box. Complete these on each tile to customise your software and plan your project.

2. Improve screening and identification of people with eating disorders

Use this toolkit to identify a way your practice can flag and record a file in your patient management software after screening. Create a strategy for routine screening by GPs & Practice Nurses that can be evaluated.

Use your software reports to generate data on screening and recognise any comparative activity.

3. Improve confidence and knowledge in managing people with eating disorders

Upskill management and admin staff and clarify pathways and requirements by working through this toolkit, accessing all information and implementing useful suggestions.

Access clinical training through the link below for your GPs, Practice Nurses, Exercise physiologists and allied health practitioners.

Every interaction matters! If a person with an eating disorder has a negative first experience with a practice or service, it may deter them from seeking help.

Follow this link to whole suite of training for all your staff, including GPs, at InsideOut. Also, check out the GP-specific training from NEDC at this link.

Choose one activity, or do all three over the year!

You could use each of these activities in turn over different reporting periods to achieve a very comprehensive quality improvement result, or alternately you could choose one of these activities to focus your approach on improvement in one specific area.

COMING SOON – predesigned QI Project templates

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