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Warning Signs

There are many warning signs that a person may be about to relapse

Being able to recognise these warning signs will put you one step ahead of the eating disorder. You can then work together to prevent the escalation of symptoms before they get out of hand. 

Getting back on track 

Work together with the person on ways to address these behaviours before a full-blown relapse occurs. 

Here are some examples on how to get the person back on track: 

  • Meal planning
  • Work out exactly what and where the person will eat each day, to ensure that food choices are not driven by the eating disorder or by emotions. 
  • Meal Support
  • Ensure that the person has practical supports during mealtimes. 
  • Set alarms as a reminder to have meal or snack. 
  • Provide psychoeducation about the importance of regular eating. 
  • Use any strategy that worked for them in the past. 
  • Motivational interviewing techniques.  
  • Encourage the person to book an earlier review with their psychologist (as there may be wait times).

Remind the person of how they have achieved change in the past and what tools were useful for them along the way.