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Screen for an eating disorder as soon as indicators are identified

There are a variety of good screening tools available that can assist in determining whether a comprehensive assessment for an eating disorder is required. (NB: These are not diagnostic tools).


6-question survey that takes 2 minutes to deliver

InsideOut's Screener (IOI-S) is designed to assess for eating disorder risk and symptomatology, and may be completed online by individuals aged 14 and over(1).

Other screeners include the SCOFF Questionnaire(2) and the BEDS-7 Screener.

When screening for an eating disorder, it's useful to open the conversation with a question:

  • Many people are worried about food and weight. Do you ever worry about that sort of thing?
  • How do you go about deciding what to eat each day?
  • Why do you think your parents have brought you here today? What is it you think they have noticed?

Be aware of the hallmark signs and symptoms of eating disorders and conduct eating disorder screening and assessment early in the illness course.

Opportunistic enquiry in high-risk groups

GPs have many opportunities to screen for eating disorders among high-risk populations.

Some opportunities include:

  • When immunising teens
  • When conducting HEADS assessment or mental health treatment plan
  • Talking to parents about nutrition of picky eaters

GP Dr Karen Spielman talks about strategies to help open a discussion with patients who may be at risk of an eating disorder.