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Medicare subsidies for eating disorder treatment

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Medicare Information

MBS items, eligibility and templates

People with an eating disorder can access a range of services through the public and private health systems. 

Medicare subsidies are available to people with eating disorders that can help to make treatment in the community more affordable and accessible. 

GPs play a vital role in eating disorder care as they act as gatekeeper to subsidised mental health care

People with an eating disorder can access a range of services under the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS), including:

Eating Disorder Plan

People who meet the eligibility criteria can access up to 20 sessions with a dietitian and up to 40 psychological sessions with a mental health provider within a 12-month period.

Information about MBS items, eligibility, GP templates and approved treatments

Better Access to Mental Health Care (MHCP)

People who do not meet the criteria for the Eating Disorders Plan may be entitled to up to 10 subsidised sessions of therapy within a calendar year.

Enhanced Primary Care Plan

A GP can set up an Enhanced Primary Care Plan for an individual with an eating disorder to receive up to 5 subsidised dietetic sessions.

The Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program

A time unlimited program offered by Credentialed Mental Health Nurses, according to program guidelines, in collaboration with a GP or a private practice Psychiatrist.